It’s Zooganics Time!

The Zooganics centers around Zander, a 9-year-old boy, food scientist, entrepreneur, and his superhero alter ego ZOOGANIC and his sister Emmy an organic farmer/gardener. His start-up is Zooganics Food, an organic food company. He has a crew that works for him, The Zooganics. They are a lovable group of anthromorphic animals who work at Zooganics Food and help solve problems.

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They lead by example; eating healthy foods and engaging in an active lifestyle. The group of friends find creative solutions to combat their arch enemy – Prax Industries, and their leader Danny Prax and his two sons Brad and Chad. They are manufacturers of unhealthy food and processed sugary snacks – who are always trying to infiltrate the Zooganics and corrupt the community where everyone lives, Awesometown.